Saturday, January 31, 2009

Angelina Jolie Dress Disaster at SAG Awards 2009

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If there is one celebrity who can carry herself well even in a strange dress than it is none other than Angelina Jolie. Hats off to the lady for wearing another Max Azria dress at the recently held SAG Awards 2009.

Angelina Jolie wore a blue Maz Azria Dress at the award function and the strange thing about this blue gown was that it gave an impression to the onlookers as if she has worn it the wrong way with the front side coming at back. It fully exposed her tattooed back.

When talked about her dress, Angelina said that she wanted to feel comfortable so decided to wear the blue gown that way. While others who saw her felt as if why such a punishment for her sexy look wearing such a loose and ill-fitted gown. Whatever it was, just have a look yourself of what she wore in SAG Awards 2009.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Top 7 Foods that Prevent a Heart Attack

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It is always said that prevention is better than cure and same lies true for heart attacks. Instead of getting ready for curing heart attacks, why not pay more attention in finding out ways to prevent it. Like paying attention to what to eat and not to eat to avoid the risk of heart attacks. So, here is a list of top 7 foods that prevent a heart attack.

· Fresh Fruits: Fresh fruits are the best source of fiber, minerals, vitamins and other nutrition that are good for heart and help keeping it in a great shape. Anti-oxidants present in fresh fruits help removing free radicals in the body and keep the heart clean and healthy.

· Fresh Vegetables: Simply include green and fresh vegetables in your diet to keep your heart healthy and avoid the risk of heart attack. Not just green, but include vegetables of all colors and don’t overcook them to preserve their nutritional values before consuming.

· Drinking Water: This is one of the easiest yet ignored way of keeping heart attacks at bay. Drinking lots of water helps preventing heart attack. Remember, that an incorrect fluid balance in the body too can affect the rate of heartbeats and functions, ultimately leading to heart attack.

· Orange Juice: Heart attack can also be avoided by drinking a glass or two of fresh orange juice. It contains vitamin C and other useful minerals and vitamins that help in keeping the heart fit and fine. It also carries a number of anti-oxidants that prevent cellular damage.

· Red Wine: Scientists have done various researches and came up with the conclusion that red wine contains useful anti-oxidants and resveratrol that helps keeping the heart function properly. The compounds present in red wine also help keeping the heart fit and fine.

· Skim Milk: Skim milk is yet another food that prevents a heart attack. Since, it is low in fat and very high in nutrients, skim milk helps in keeping the heart going proper ply and in a healthy way. Skim milk also provides a proper fluid balance that prevents the strain on the heart.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tips For Bridging The Communication Gap Between Man And Woman

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You might have often got irritated and thought why is it that you and your partner are sometimes intolerable to each other. Perhaps, the reason for this is the communication gap between you and your love partner. Remember, that a man and woman have different ways of conversation with different perspectives. So, here are some easy to follow and efficient tips of bridging the communication gap between men and women.

Tips for Men
· Men who make the mistake of interrupting their wives and girlfriends when they ask small details of anything that happened call for misunderstandings. So, the first tip for bridging the gap between men and women is to let the women know what all they want to know.

· When you lady is in trouble, don’t try to solver her problems immediately. First, listen to her and then give her your genuine advice. Make it sure to pour your advice when she asks you else just listen to what she is saying and may be this only is what she is expecting out of you, i.e., to listen to her.

· Another tip for bridging the communication gap between men and women is that men should never challenge their partner’s assumptions. Most of the time when your girlfriend or wife has an intuition it is valid and in cases when she seems wrong to you, instead try to lighten the atmosphere by cracking a joke.

Tips for Women
· In case you feel your husband or boyfriend doesn’t talk much, then don’t think that there is something wrong. Chances may be that he doesn’t have much to report you as new or happening. So, avoid suspecting him or checking him that why he doesn’t talk much.

· Men hate double meaning talks, so ladies when your man say something he means it and there is no need for you to second guess what he says. Have trust and don’t doubt what he says, rather believe in what he says.

· Remember, that when your man tries to solve your problem and you show frustration it will ultimately ruin your relationship closing all doors of communication. So, let your boyfriend or husband give you his own advice when you are in trouble.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tips for Surviving a Breakup

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No matter, how strong you are, break ups will break you unless you know the ways to survive the pain associated with break ups. You keep on analyzing what went wrong and even blame yourself for the break up, which is not right at all. So, try the following tips for surviving a break up in the right spirit.

· Don’t Beg: Try your best to resist the urge to beg them back in your life. Yes, it’s true you will want to do anything to have him or her back in your life but this is what you have to resist doing, as this will leave you even more hurt.
· Spend Time with Loved Ones: As much as possible try to spend some time with your friends and family. Make sure you don’t just talk about your break up when you are with your loved ones, instead try to talk about different things to feel fresh.

· Get a Massage: Another tip for surviving a break up is to get a healing and rejuvenating massage or a spa treatment. This will help reducing your depression and will make you feel good about yourself.

· Recourse to Spirituality: Pursue a spiritual group or visit a religious place like a church or temple. Visiting such spiritual places will increase your coping skills and will make you calmer.

· Join a Gym or Exercise: Hit the gym to overcome the pain and depression of a break up. Yes, many people do so as this is a perfect way to use the pain and vigor of a painful break up in the right direction for the benefit of your body.

· Listen Classical Music: Listening classical and soothing instrumental music is yet another way of surviving the pain of break up. Instead of dwelling and thinking over it again and again, try to listen music that will take your attention away from the depression.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Jennifer Lopez reveals her Diet Secrets

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Jennifer Lopez is a hot pop sensation, who is in fact an inspiration for many young ladies. She is one of those celebrities who doesn’t shy away from revealing her diet secrets. So, if you too want to know about the diet secrets of Jennifer Lopez, then read on.

· Strict Low Carb Diet: The main secret of her slim and fit figure is her strict low carb diet. She herself revealed that she follows a low carb eating plan that doesn’t ban her from any particular food but inculcates a feeling of avoiding high carb foods and stick to low carb foods in a healthy moderation.

· Practices Yoga: Another secret for Jennifer Lopez’s perfect health is her regime of practicing yoga. She joined up for yoga classes some time back and ever since practiced it regularly to keep her mind and body balanced for relieving stress and to increase flexibility.

· Cardio and Resistance Exercises: Jennifer’s toned body is the result of her doing a mixture of cardio and resistance exercises. She likes doing intense work outs that naturally burn more calories and keep her fit and fine all the time. She doesn’t overstrain herself and makes sure to take a day off in between her exercising schedule.

Jennifer herself revealed her diet secrets saying that, "I don't have anything banned from my diet and I’m not one of the health freaks who believe in not eating any sugar or leaving dairy products out. There are a number of weird diets out there but I don’t follow them. I eat almost everything, only in moderation.” "I don’t drink, never, and I don’t smoke and don’t do drugs," she stresses. “I love spa treatments, massage and facials, though they're not something I get to do all the time. I also love to dance, to sleep, to do nothing, to be in the sun.” revealed Jennifer about her perfect look.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tips For Speed Dating

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Are you too ready to try out the new craze of speed dating? Then you might be having several questions in mind, like how to make it great and what to do on that date? Relax, just read our tried and tested tips for speed dating.

· Appearance: The first tip for a speed dating is to pay attention on your own appearance. Women can wear anything fashionable and not too revealing. Men should wear a shirt and a matching trouser for that irresistible look.

· Smile to Relax: You will able to enjoy your speed dating only when you feel relaxed and for this simply smile. Putting a nice smile not too loud one will help getting that much wanted attraction from your date.

· Avoid Alcohol: If possible try to avoid drinking alcohol or drink less to show your best behavior and focus on your date. Remember that drinking alcohol will just decrease your attention from the date.

· Body Language: Next useful tip for speed dating is a proper watch on your body language. Don’t show your shyness by crossing your arms across your chest. Instead, show off your openness and frank nature by gestures like keeping your hands free on the table.

· Focus on your Date: Needless to say, since it’s a speed dating, you should not waste time in focusing on your date. Start bit a funny conversation and try to learn more about the other person. Ask his or her likings and things he or she is passionate about.

· Follow Up: To make your date successful, do follow up the next day or after a few days. You can also send a sweet short text message on the cell phone or call and ask about the person’s well being.

Tips for Finding a Perfect Lip Gloss

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Often ladies get puzzled while buying a lip-gloss, one of the most essential make-up items. Market is full of a variety of lip-glosses but you should know the right ways of choosing a perfect lip-gloss. So, try out our useful tips for finding one for your soft and supple lips.

· Flavor: The first and the most important tip for finding a perfect lip-gloss is to have a gloss with some sweet flavor. It’s often irritating to wear a gloss with waxy taste, so do go for some strawberry or berry flavored lip-gloss.

· Shine: Another tip for finding a perfect lip-gloss is that you should not forget the importance of its shine. Ladies don’t forget that the main purpose of you buying a lip-gloss is nothing but to get a perfect shine on your lips.

· Texture: Please please please, avoid those chunky and goopy lip-gloss, as with them you will feel all messed up and glued. Go for lip-glosses that have a smooth shone and doesn’t make your lips looks heavy.

· Protection: Go for a lip-gloss that gives proper protection to your lips. Apart from checking out the shine and color, do make sure that the gloss you choose has some essential vitamins and nutritious minerals for a proper lop protection.

· Moisturize: While choosing a lip gloss keep in mind that a lip gloss doesn’t provide that moisture that is provided by a lip balm. However, a lip-gloss does make lip supple, so try to moisturize your lips with a lip balm before applying a lip-gloss for that perfect wet and glossy look.

· Price: Lastly, while choosing a perfect lip-gloss, remember the price factor. Neither go for a lip-gloss that is too cheap or too costly. As a cheap one may not be so good in quality and too costly will make you spend a lot on it.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fashion Tips for Skinny Thin Men

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It’s easier for men to get in to shape than women, as they have more stamina, but what if they still remain skinny? No problem, society in fact thinks lean and skinny is attractive, be it a man or a woman. The attraction can be enhanced if skinny men know what to wear and how. So, we present you with some fashion tips for skinny thin men.

· Light Shoulder Padding: Skinny men often hate their thin physique. They can try wearing light shoulder padding in blazers to create a V-shape look instead of their pencil thin look.

· Avoid Fitted Shirts: Skinny men look just like a stick when they wear those fitted shirts. So, just get rid of wearing those fitted shirts, no matter how stylish those shirts are. In fact, wear shirts that draw attention while being away from your skinny torso.

· Take Tailor’s Help: Don’t hesitate taking help of a tailor to create a lasting impression. Just ask the tailor what and how a particular dress will suit your thin body frame. Tailors are experts in their profession in making proper fit clothes that will look good on you.

· Heavier Fabrics: Try to choose heavier and bulkier fabrics to add some thickness to your skinny body frame. You never know how perfect and well built you will look in a wool knitted sweater or a heavy clothe three-piece suit.

. Avoid Pinstripes: Just avoid wearing pinstripes shirts and trousers. These striped clothes will make you look all the more thinner and taller. Instead of it, try wearing different and trendy patterns like checked or windowpane patterns to add more weight in looks to your body frame

Friday, January 23, 2009

Tips for Getting Rid of Belly Fat

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Are you fed of your varied approaches to get rid of your belly fat and still in the same position? You still dream of having a flat stomach but tired of trying different exercises and diets? Worry no more, just try the following health tips for a getting rid of your belly fat.

· Cardio Exercises: Remember, that the most important role in reducing your belly fat will be played by cardio exercises. No matter, how many Ab crunches you do, but what’s use if you can’t show your abs behind your belly fat? So, do regular cardio exercises.

· Circuit Training: It is one of the most efficient ways for reducing the belly fat in both men and women. It comprises of inverted pushups, bent over dumbbell row, bodyweight squats, stability ball leg curls, stability ball crunches and standing overhead dumbbell press each for 12 repetitions.

· Stand-up Exercises: Focusing on stand-up exercises is a sure shot way of reducing the belly fat, as it is a whole body workout. When you whole body is in movement, you tend to burn more calories especially on the Abs. Standing and stretching exercises also helps a lot in getting rid of belly fat.

· Go Short and Intense: Going short and intensely is a perfect way of getting rid of belly fat. Don’t try to do all Ab exercises in one go, plan properly and focus on all exercises dividing them on different days. Intense work out when done regularly becomes the major cause of fat lose.

· Exercise and Diet: A perfect and balanced combination of exercises and diet will ultimately led you to belly fat lose. For those of you who can’t do intense exercises, walking, jogging and biking will also give the same results but not as fast as intense exercises.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tips For Dealing With A Jealous Husband

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Are you seeing your relationship going nowhere just because your husband has become jealous? Yes, it’s true that jealousy can turn your relations sour with its fear and insecurity, but there are definitely tried and tested ways of dealing with a jealous husband.

· If your husband blames you: Blaming is the first thing that a jealous husband does to his wife. He blames you for checking out or admiring someone else. When this happens, don’t argue with him, as it will worsen the situation. Instead, restore your calm and confidence to explain him the truth that you are not checking out someone else.

. If your husband is getting too possessive: Another common symptom of a jealous husband is his strong possessiveness for you. He will try to stop you from all contacts of your friends and family. When this happens, try to make him understand that the fun of your relationship will go away if you will spend too much time with each other. Also, tell him that more than friends and family he is important for you.

. If your husband visits your office too often: Often jealous husbands visit your office too often in order to ask questions from your friends and colleagues. When, your husband show this type of suspicion, try telling him that instead of asking other he can directly ask about all his fears and suspicions from you.

· Be available for communication: Always be available for communication with your jealous husband. Remember, that only through a proper communication you can remove the jealousy of your partner. Moreover, the more you will communicate, the more he will feel calm and relaxed.

. Reassure your jealous husband: Lastly, the best way to deal with a jealous husband is by trying to reassure him that you love him the most. Try to solve what is making him feel jealous of you or insecure of your relationship. If your reassurance doesn’t work, then take him to a counselor for getting rid of his jealousy.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Honeymoon Kissing Tips

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So, you have got tied in the nuptial knot and want to know the secret of a perfect honeymoon kissing? Don’t be nervous just try to make the first honeymoon kiss special for both of you with the following useful kissing tips.

· Great Breath: The first and the most important tip for a perfect honeymoon kiss is to make sure you have a great breath. Do brush your teeth or use a mouth freshener for that fresh breath before a kiss.

· Moist Lips: For those of you who want to try a romantic moist lip kiss during honeymoon, just running over your tongue over lips will do the trick. Ladies, don’t try to put on lip-gloss for this honeymoon kiss, as it will spoil the fun of it.

· Close Eyes: Ladies often close eyes while kissing, so don’t take it offensive, try to close your eyes too while kissing and hold each other tightly for a romantic love kiss. It is in fact best to enjoy a kiss with close eyes.

· Closed Lips: A kiss with closed lips is usually not a great idea for honeymooners, it was the same kiss that your grandma or aunt used to give you, so imagine. It is good for just wishing good morning to your sweetheart during honeymoon.

· Open Lips: Enjoy a great honeymoon kiss with open lips. Place your lips over your partner’s lips and hold your breath. Be naughty and seductive by moving your lips in a circular or slow motion over your partner’s lips.

· Positioning: Positioning in honeymoon kissing is also a vital aspect. Try to be closer to each other and tilt your heads slightly in opposite directions. Once, you try kissing in this positioning, you will get the real fun of kissing.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Angelina Jolie’s Post Pregnancy Beauty Secrets

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If you noticed Angelina Jolie during her pregnancy and after her pregnancy, you would have noticed her ever-glowing skin. If you are thinking what was the beauty secret behind her radiant look during and post pregnancy, then let me leak out the secret. Well, she used Bella Mama products.

Angelina used Bella Mama products during and post pregnancy of her baby Shiloh Nouvel Jolie Pitt. Bella Mama is a great luxury maternity cream care line of products designed for soothing and satisfying the skin of a pregnant lady. Its products protect against stretch marks, itchiness, skin irritations, dry skin and swelling.

Apart from Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Garner, Britney Spears, Heidi Klum, Gwen Stefani and Melania Trump are other happy users of Bella Mama beauty products. In this brand’s beauty range, you will get products like belly oil, foot salts, belly butter, body spray and nursing salve. The best thing about Belly Mama products is that they are 100% natural and have no side effects.

Instant refreshment and hydration spray is one of the reasonable beauty products of Bella Mama used by the celebrities like Angelina Jolie. It is available at $11.50 from various beauty stores and online on

Angelina Jolie also used Belly Butter from Bella Mama to make her skin soft and sotthing. It helped her minimizing her stretch marks. She used it before as well as after childbirth. This product too is available at $11.50.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Kate Winslet’s sexy black dress at “Revolutionary Road” London Premiere

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Kate Winslet recently walked the red carpet for her movie “Revolutionary Road” London Premier in a sexy black dress. She was walking with co-star Leonardo DiCarpio in a revealing and super hot black Narciso Rodriguez dress.
Kate wore a mini A-line dress with a criss-crossed glossy leather top having leather strips on the sides for accentuating her curves. For a perfect starry look, she paired the dress with black peep-toe stilettos, a bracelet and Chopard diamond hoop earrings.

Needless to say the pictures show that Kate was looking stunning in her mini black dress at the “Revolutionary Road” London Premier. We are sure, people are going to copy her style for the same sexy look.