Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tips For Speed Dating

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Are you too ready to try out the new craze of speed dating? Then you might be having several questions in mind, like how to make it great and what to do on that date? Relax, just read our tried and tested tips for speed dating.

· Appearance: The first tip for a speed dating is to pay attention on your own appearance. Women can wear anything fashionable and not too revealing. Men should wear a shirt and a matching trouser for that irresistible look.

· Smile to Relax: You will able to enjoy your speed dating only when you feel relaxed and for this simply smile. Putting a nice smile not too loud one will help getting that much wanted attraction from your date.

· Avoid Alcohol: If possible try to avoid drinking alcohol or drink less to show your best behavior and focus on your date. Remember that drinking alcohol will just decrease your attention from the date.

· Body Language: Next useful tip for speed dating is a proper watch on your body language. Don’t show your shyness by crossing your arms across your chest. Instead, show off your openness and frank nature by gestures like keeping your hands free on the table.

· Focus on your Date: Needless to say, since it’s a speed dating, you should not waste time in focusing on your date. Start bit a funny conversation and try to learn more about the other person. Ask his or her likings and things he or she is passionate about.

· Follow Up: To make your date successful, do follow up the next day or after a few days. You can also send a sweet short text message on the cell phone or call and ask about the person’s well being.


  1. Thanks for the great speed dating tips here! Maybe I should take more care when I am doing my speed dating , thanks for all the help! xxxx

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