Friday, March 27, 2009

Pamela Anderson Diet Secrets

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Want to look like Pamela Anderson? Then, you got to know Pamela Anderson’s Diet Secrets. Relax, it’s not tough to get information about what this super sexy Hollywood diva does to stay fit and fine, you will get all the information here from us.

· The first secret of Pamela Anderson’s sexy figure is her stress on fruits and vegetables.

· She also takes plenty of soya, whole grains, seeds and nuts for protein.

· Pamela avoids meat since she was 13 years old and today even at 40 years, she manages to look sexy without including meat and non-veg in her diet.

· She stresses on a vegan diet that doesn’t comprises of eggs, fish, meat and any dairy products.

· For breakfast, Pamela takes fruits and oatmeal.
· For snacking before lunch, she takes ginger smoothie.
· For lunch, she takes salad and veggie burger.
· For dinner, she takes pasta or sometimes veggie sushi.

· Pamela Anderson also makes it a point to work out at least thrice a week or go for a walk daily to stay fit and fine.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tips for Boosting Job Interview Confidence

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You have appeared for many interviews and still didn’t get the right job? Thinking all this, you are feeling unconfident to appear in the next job interview? If this is the case, then you need to know some tips for boosting your job interview confidence.

· Do Some Homework: Don’t just straight away go in a job interview, do some homework before appearing for one. At least learn about some facts about that company and have a rough idea of the profile for which you are applying.

· Appearance & Attitude: Do pay attention on your appearance and attitude. After all, the first impression is the last impression, especially when it is a thing as important as a job interview.

· Practice Makes Perfect: Remember that practice makes a man perfect and this is true even for boosting job interview confidence. The more interviews you will give, the more confident you will feel. Keep doing practice until you succeed to get the desired confidence for a job hunt.

· Try To Be Yourself: Never pretend to be someone that you are not while appearing for a job interview. Try to project your true self to the interviewer, this way you will feel more confident within yourself and will have more possibility of succeeding.

· Don’t Loose Heart: Don’t loose heart even if you don’t get a job offer after an interview. Just remember that getting jobs is not an easy task and you need to give in your best performance next time in next interview to grab the job offer next time.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tips for Wearing Wrap Dresses

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Thanks to Diane von Furstenberg for introducing the stylish wrap dresses in 1972. If you too wish to wear one such wrap dress but don’t know how to wear it, then here are some useful tips to help you wear wrap dresses in the right way.

· First of all try to understand your body type and choose a wrap dress that will complement it. For women having bigger body frame, a fuller top and skirt will look great as wrap dress. For smaller frame women, adjustable tied with less fabric uptop wrap dress are best.

· Try to minimize your body flab by wearing the right undergarments. Market is now full of undergarments that suppress the excess flab to make you look slim in wrap dresses.

· If you have a heavy body frame then choose for vertical patterns in wrap dresses rather than small prints that suit best to women of smaller body frame.

· To make your wrap dress look glamorous team it up with opaque tights or fashionable leggings.

· You can also wear some fashionable accessories and high heel shoes with a big bag if going out while wearing wrap dresses.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Tips for Talking to a Dying Person

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Whether you agree or not, death is a definite truth that can’t be avoided. What if you have a dying person in your family or friend circle? You should know how to talk to him or her to make his death smooth. So, here are some tips for talking to a dying person.

. Remember the first thing that a dying person would want is peace of mind, so try to give it to that person. Try to eliminate all kinds of distractions like television, radio, etc from the surroundings of the dying person to make him or her calm.

· Try to talk to the dying person from the same eye level. The posture should be such that the person should not face difficulty in talking or listening to you.

· It’s common that a dying person might show some emotions, so don’t ever get angry when he or she shows such emotions, instead try to pacify that person.

· Don’t try to make the dying person talk fast, try to make him or her talk at his or her own pace.

· To make the dying person feel happy, try to talk about the golden memories he or she shared with you or anyone else.

· A dying person may show some anxiety or fear, so try to calm him or her. Also, ask for his or her last wish and try to ensure the person that it will be fulfilled.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Paris Hilton reveals her Beauty Secrets

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Hey gals do you wish to look like diva Paris Hilton? Then, have a look at the beauty tips that the hotel heiress Paris Hilton revealed herself in an interview.

· Perfect Scent: When asked about her beauty secrets, Paris Hilton first mentioned that it is important to use a scent that tells about your personality. She personally uses CAN CAN perfume, she herself assisted in making this perfect scent for herself. She feels when you smell right, you automatically become beautiful for others.

· Sensuous Lip Gloss: Another beauty secrets revealed by Paris Hilton is the type of sensuous lip gloss she uses. Paris Hilton just loves her lip-gloss and never forgets to put it while stepping out of home. She likes using MAC Prr Lipgloss. She also uses Maybelline’s Lipgloss generally in pink or neutral color.

· Beauty Facials: Getting that glowing skin like Paris is simple for a girl if she never forgets a weekly facial. Paris also revealed that she gets spa beauty treatments at Kate Somerville Spa that is located just near her house.

· Best Beauty Products: Paris also insists that planning in advance when it comes to skin care is never wrong. She never forgets to use anti-aging sunscreen beauty products and recommends the same to those who want to look like her. Paris also revealed that she uses Maybelline’s Great Lash Mascara.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Tips for getting beautiful breasts

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Breasts being a symbol feminity are always paid much attention. It is important to take care of these special assets that are the symbol of motherhood. So, here are some tips of getting beautiful breasts.

· Always wear a bra and try to maintain a straight body position always.

· Women should avoid carrying big weights for maintaining the beauty of their breasts.

· After bath, massage your these special assets with a special hydrating cream using gentle moves.

· Try to avoid hot baths that can soak the breasts tissues.

· Try to be brave and have a last minute cold-water shower on your breasts to maintain the shape.

· Try to participate in electro-stimulation breasts session or do swimming to maintain the pectoral muscles.

· Avoid wearing too tight clothes that can squeeze your breasts.

· You must avoid sleeping on belly to maintain a perfect shape of your breasts.

· Also, avoid long sun exposures especially if don’t like using any sun protection cream.

· Women who have suckling breasts should always wear suckle bra.

· Pregnant women should massage their breasts regularly with almond oil.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Tips for Becoming a Perfect Lover

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Though all of us want to the best lover in the world, yet not all of us end up becoming one. There are some things to be kept in mind to match up to your partner’s needs and expectation. Here are some tips for becoming a perfect lover.

· Firstly, remember that forcing someone to love you is not the way to be a lover. The decision should be personal and not a forced one, if your partner wants to be loved by you then go ahead else retrain.

· Whenever, your partner talks about his or her ex-partner don’t think that he or she still has feelings for that person. If you feel bad hearing about the ex, just tell this to your partner gently.

· Don’t be too possessive for your partner, as in most of the cases over possessiveness often create differences in a beautiful love relationship. The other person starts feeling suffocated in your possessiveness.

· In case, you try calling your partner and he or she doesn’t pick immediately or don’t pick at all, then don’t turn your imagination wild. Stop guessing wrong things and wait for sometime for your partner to call back, else try calling again.

· Also, try giving compliments to your partner when he or she wears something new.

· Give him or surprises with some romantic things and see how happy he or she feels being with you.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tips for Wearing an Off-Shoulder Dress

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You must have seen those celebrities and models walking confidently in off-shoulder dresses and this might have made you think that can you wear one. So, the answer is you too can wear it provided you know how to wear it.

· The first tip to make your off shoulder dress look awesome is to match it with elegant jewelry or a perfect make up.

· Remember, that off-shoulder dresses look great on tall women with good figure, as the necklines of these dresses pass across the chest and rests below the shoulder, short women might look shorter in them.

· Women having heavy flabby arms should avoid wearing off shoulder dresses, as they might look heavier wearing such dresses.

· Before wearing such a dress, make sure to get your arms and underarms waxed and moisturized to make your skin look radiant.

· If you plan to wear an off shoulder wedding gown, then prepare well in advance by indulging in some weight lifting exercises for shoulders and arms, to get the perfect look on the D-Day.

· Make sure that you have enough support for your off shoulder dress to avoid getting embarrassed with a certain malfunction.

· Add more glamour to your off shoulder dress by trying out some tattoos on your shoulder or neck.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Quick Ways to Prevent Dry and Wrinkled Hands

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Be it a man or woman, everyone wants to prevent dry and wrinkled hands. Wrinkled hands give an old look, so people like finding and try new remedies for preventing their hands from getting dried out. So, here are some useful ways of preventing dry and wrinkled hands.

· Try to use a coarse mixture of sea salt and lemon juice to slough off the dead skin cells of your hand.

· Use a mixture of honey and olive oil to coat hands and then cover the hands in a plastic bag for half an hour.

· Dip your hands in warm milk for sometime and wash with cold water, this will make your hands soft and supple.

· While doing household works, wear gloves to prevent hands getting affected from harmful chemicals in soaps and detergents.Apply some moisturizer on hands and massage a bit before going to bed at night.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tips to Obtain a Promotion at Work

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No matter in whichever profession you are, you would always like to obtain promotion at work. After all it is a way we feel appreciated in profession. So, if you too are looking out for some ways to obtain a promotion at work, we share with you some useful tips to do so.

· First of all try to learn the tactics of work from the best in the domain. In other words, aim to climb the ladder of promotion at work by learning the techniques and gathering information from your seniors.

· Another way of obtaining promotion at work is to be patient and wait for the results. Remember, it takes time to get the desired results at work. Your organization will take at least some time to observe your commitment and award you for that with a deserving promotion.

· Try to promote your image with your good work and personality for getting a promotion. Your bosses should be aware of the high quality work you do and you should also try to highlight your major accomplishments at work.

· Remember, those who are everyone’s favorite at work succeed more in getting promotion than others. So, try to make everyone your friend with your good impression. No matter how far you are from promotion or appraisal time, always keep working with devotion and keep learning new skills to get plus points at the time of appraisal.