Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fashion Tips for Skinny Thin Men

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It’s easier for men to get in to shape than women, as they have more stamina, but what if they still remain skinny? No problem, society in fact thinks lean and skinny is attractive, be it a man or a woman. The attraction can be enhanced if skinny men know what to wear and how. So, we present you with some fashion tips for skinny thin men.

· Light Shoulder Padding: Skinny men often hate their thin physique. They can try wearing light shoulder padding in blazers to create a V-shape look instead of their pencil thin look.

· Avoid Fitted Shirts: Skinny men look just like a stick when they wear those fitted shirts. So, just get rid of wearing those fitted shirts, no matter how stylish those shirts are. In fact, wear shirts that draw attention while being away from your skinny torso.

· Take Tailor’s Help: Don’t hesitate taking help of a tailor to create a lasting impression. Just ask the tailor what and how a particular dress will suit your thin body frame. Tailors are experts in their profession in making proper fit clothes that will look good on you.

· Heavier Fabrics: Try to choose heavier and bulkier fabrics to add some thickness to your skinny body frame. You never know how perfect and well built you will look in a wool knitted sweater or a heavy clothe three-piece suit.

. Avoid Pinstripes: Just avoid wearing pinstripes shirts and trousers. These striped clothes will make you look all the more thinner and taller. Instead of it, try wearing different and trendy patterns like checked or windowpane patterns to add more weight in looks to your body frame

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  1. This is the perfect blog for insecure thin men. As a thin man, I rather embrace it then cover it up like I have a condition.