Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tips For Bridging The Communication Gap Between Man And Woman

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You might have often got irritated and thought why is it that you and your partner are sometimes intolerable to each other. Perhaps, the reason for this is the communication gap between you and your love partner. Remember, that a man and woman have different ways of conversation with different perspectives. So, here are some easy to follow and efficient tips of bridging the communication gap between men and women.

Tips for Men
· Men who make the mistake of interrupting their wives and girlfriends when they ask small details of anything that happened call for misunderstandings. So, the first tip for bridging the gap between men and women is to let the women know what all they want to know.

· When you lady is in trouble, don’t try to solver her problems immediately. First, listen to her and then give her your genuine advice. Make it sure to pour your advice when she asks you else just listen to what she is saying and may be this only is what she is expecting out of you, i.e., to listen to her.

· Another tip for bridging the communication gap between men and women is that men should never challenge their partner’s assumptions. Most of the time when your girlfriend or wife has an intuition it is valid and in cases when she seems wrong to you, instead try to lighten the atmosphere by cracking a joke.

Tips for Women
· In case you feel your husband or boyfriend doesn’t talk much, then don’t think that there is something wrong. Chances may be that he doesn’t have much to report you as new or happening. So, avoid suspecting him or checking him that why he doesn’t talk much.

· Men hate double meaning talks, so ladies when your man say something he means it and there is no need for you to second guess what he says. Have trust and don’t doubt what he says, rather believe in what he says.

· Remember, that when your man tries to solve your problem and you show frustration it will ultimately ruin your relationship closing all doors of communication. So, let your boyfriend or husband give you his own advice when you are in trouble.

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