Wednesday, February 18, 2009

5 Aphrodisiacs Foods that boosts Sex and Libido

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Valentines Day has just passed so what, do you need a reason to get cozy with your lover? You may spend your whole life in searching and experimenting what to do to increase your sex drive but this can be done easily.. We present you a list of top five foods that help boosting sex and libido in lovers.

1. Chocolates: Ever thought why we gift chocolates to our lover? Reason being they are sweet and play a major role in boosting the sex drive. According to a survey, women who ate chocolate on a regular basis were better lovers than those who didn’t eat chocolates. Its perfect combination of sugar and caffeine gives energy for the sex drive.

2. Truffles: Though rare, truffles have the efficiency to ignite sex drive in lovers. They have a musky aroma and scent that make men romantic. People in the French court used to take truffles just to boost their sex drive and these days this secret is used by ordinary people around the world.

3. Honey: Honey with its amazing natural sweetness is another aphrodisiac to boost the libido. Just add it in a dessert or play with it licking it on your partner’s face and see how you both feel. It has Vitamin B that aids in neurotransmitters for sexual arousal.

4. Strawberries: How can we forget mentioning the lovely fruit of love, strawberry. Not just its red color symbolizes love but its high Vitamin C source makes it apt for boosting libido and sex drive. You can even combine it with chocolate to double up the aphrodisiac effect.

5. Figs: Figs is yet another food item that enhances libido and sex drive in lovers. It was Cleopatra, who declared the amazing quality of figs. Interestingly, Japanese and Romans brides used to eat figs as a part of nuptial celebration. This fruit is high in magnesium and has an erotic status.

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