Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tips For Dealing With A Jealous Husband

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Are you seeing your relationship going nowhere just because your husband has become jealous? Yes, it’s true that jealousy can turn your relations sour with its fear and insecurity, but there are definitely tried and tested ways of dealing with a jealous husband.

· If your husband blames you: Blaming is the first thing that a jealous husband does to his wife. He blames you for checking out or admiring someone else. When this happens, don’t argue with him, as it will worsen the situation. Instead, restore your calm and confidence to explain him the truth that you are not checking out someone else.

. If your husband is getting too possessive: Another common symptom of a jealous husband is his strong possessiveness for you. He will try to stop you from all contacts of your friends and family. When this happens, try to make him understand that the fun of your relationship will go away if you will spend too much time with each other. Also, tell him that more than friends and family he is important for you.

. If your husband visits your office too often: Often jealous husbands visit your office too often in order to ask questions from your friends and colleagues. When, your husband show this type of suspicion, try telling him that instead of asking other he can directly ask about all his fears and suspicions from you.

· Be available for communication: Always be available for communication with your jealous husband. Remember, that only through a proper communication you can remove the jealousy of your partner. Moreover, the more you will communicate, the more he will feel calm and relaxed.

. Reassure your jealous husband: Lastly, the best way to deal with a jealous husband is by trying to reassure him that you love him the most. Try to solve what is making him feel jealous of you or insecure of your relationship. If your reassurance doesn’t work, then take him to a counselor for getting rid of his jealousy.