Sunday, April 12, 2009

Women Hairstyle Trends for Summer Spring 2009

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Summer and Spring 2009 are on their way and with it women are thinking about the coolest hairstyle trends that will save them from the scorching heat. So, here we are to let you know about the women hairstyle trends for summer spring 2009.

· Flowing Hair: No matter whatever the season is, women are not going to get away from the trendy flowing hairstyle even in summer spring 2009.

· Milkmaid Braids: Another hairstyle that women might love to sport this summer spring would be milkmaid braids. These days even famous celebrities are sporting them in red carpets.

· Straight & Sleek: Like always, the craze for straight and sleek hair has not gone out of the mind of fashionable women. It will again be in trend for summer spring 2009.

· Mermaid Wave: The old 1940s mermaid wave hairstyle will be back this summer spring 2009. Many women can try this out to look cool and fresh in the summers.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Best Teen Kissing Tips

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Teenage is the age where youngsters feel like trying out everything, from drinking to kissing. However, since they are new to these things, often they don’t know how to go for it. So, here are some best teen kissing tips for all the teenagers who want to kiss for the first time.

· Nice Breath: The key to enjoy the first best kiss in teenage is to ensure a nice breath. Make sure to brush your teeth to get rid of any unwanted leftover food particles in mouth and to freshen up your breath.

· Moist Lips: Another tip to enjoy a superb teen kiss is to have moist lips. Remember, to make your lips before the kiss to let your partner kiss you easily. It is important for a pleasant kissing experience for both the partners.

· Right Positioning: Right positioning is equally important when it comes to have a perfect teen kiss. The best way to enjoy a kiss is to position in a way with your head tilting slightly and your partner’s head tilting slightly in the opposite direction.

· Closed Eyes: The first kiss will be memorable and to make it last forever in your memory, make sure to enjoy the experience with closed eyes. Moreover, opening your eyes during a kiss may make you feel awkward.

· Open Lips: Try to place your lips over your partner’s lips and for this first open your lips. Press your lips against each other gently while opening them and enjoy the best kiss ever in your teenage.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Quick Fashion Tips for Men

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Fashion is not a thing meant only for women, even men nowadays have their own fashion statements. Be it winters, spring or summer, men’s fashion trends have evolved and are experimented again and again. So, here we present you with some quick fashion tips for men, who want to look fashionable.

· Beauty In Simplicity: No matter what the world around you is following, try to keep it simple. Remember that beauty is always there in simplicity. Don’t try to wear everything you get thinking you will be fashionable, instead try to sport simple style like a dark pair of jeans with a black striped shirt and a white belt.

· Perfect Fitting: All your money will be wasted if you don’t get your dress to fit you properly. In other words, don’t wear either too tight or too loose clothes. Men are considered fashionable when they wear dresses that show the curves of their body elegantly in proper fitting clothes.

· Matching Accessories: In winters, you need to wear sweaters, so don’t wear too lean or think sweaters. Try to wear sweaters that go well with your cargoes and jeans. They should not be too loose to make your lower half too thin or too fat.

· Use Of Undershirt: Often to look fashionable, men wear undershirts with jeans and go out. Remember, that undershirts are meant to be worn undershirts and not only as shirts. They look awkward and cheap when worn along with jeans.

. Stay a Step Ahead or Behind: To look better than the rest, always either step a head or behind in overdressing or underdressing yourself. Try to make sure that you are not better dressed that the person, who will be the center of the attraction. Also, don’t wear such a dress that makes you look cheap in front of all.