Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tips for Surviving a Breakup

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No matter, how strong you are, break ups will break you unless you know the ways to survive the pain associated with break ups. You keep on analyzing what went wrong and even blame yourself for the break up, which is not right at all. So, try the following tips for surviving a break up in the right spirit.

· Don’t Beg: Try your best to resist the urge to beg them back in your life. Yes, it’s true you will want to do anything to have him or her back in your life but this is what you have to resist doing, as this will leave you even more hurt.
· Spend Time with Loved Ones: As much as possible try to spend some time with your friends and family. Make sure you don’t just talk about your break up when you are with your loved ones, instead try to talk about different things to feel fresh.

· Get a Massage: Another tip for surviving a break up is to get a healing and rejuvenating massage or a spa treatment. This will help reducing your depression and will make you feel good about yourself.

· Recourse to Spirituality: Pursue a spiritual group or visit a religious place like a church or temple. Visiting such spiritual places will increase your coping skills and will make you calmer.

· Join a Gym or Exercise: Hit the gym to overcome the pain and depression of a break up. Yes, many people do so as this is a perfect way to use the pain and vigor of a painful break up in the right direction for the benefit of your body.

· Listen Classical Music: Listening classical and soothing instrumental music is yet another way of surviving the pain of break up. Instead of dwelling and thinking over it again and again, try to listen music that will take your attention away from the depression.

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