Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tips for Finding a Perfect Lip Gloss

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Often ladies get puzzled while buying a lip-gloss, one of the most essential make-up items. Market is full of a variety of lip-glosses but you should know the right ways of choosing a perfect lip-gloss. So, try out our useful tips for finding one for your soft and supple lips.

· Flavor: The first and the most important tip for finding a perfect lip-gloss is to have a gloss with some sweet flavor. It’s often irritating to wear a gloss with waxy taste, so do go for some strawberry or berry flavored lip-gloss.

· Shine: Another tip for finding a perfect lip-gloss is that you should not forget the importance of its shine. Ladies don’t forget that the main purpose of you buying a lip-gloss is nothing but to get a perfect shine on your lips.

· Texture: Please please please, avoid those chunky and goopy lip-gloss, as with them you will feel all messed up and glued. Go for lip-glosses that have a smooth shone and doesn’t make your lips looks heavy.

· Protection: Go for a lip-gloss that gives proper protection to your lips. Apart from checking out the shine and color, do make sure that the gloss you choose has some essential vitamins and nutritious minerals for a proper lop protection.

· Moisturize: While choosing a lip gloss keep in mind that a lip gloss doesn’t provide that moisture that is provided by a lip balm. However, a lip-gloss does make lip supple, so try to moisturize your lips with a lip balm before applying a lip-gloss for that perfect wet and glossy look.

· Price: Lastly, while choosing a perfect lip-gloss, remember the price factor. Neither go for a lip-gloss that is too cheap or too costly. As a cheap one may not be so good in quality and too costly will make you spend a lot on it.

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