Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Honeymoon Kissing Tips

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So, you have got tied in the nuptial knot and want to know the secret of a perfect honeymoon kissing? Don’t be nervous just try to make the first honeymoon kiss special for both of you with the following useful kissing tips.

· Great Breath: The first and the most important tip for a perfect honeymoon kiss is to make sure you have a great breath. Do brush your teeth or use a mouth freshener for that fresh breath before a kiss.

· Moist Lips: For those of you who want to try a romantic moist lip kiss during honeymoon, just running over your tongue over lips will do the trick. Ladies, don’t try to put on lip-gloss for this honeymoon kiss, as it will spoil the fun of it.

· Close Eyes: Ladies often close eyes while kissing, so don’t take it offensive, try to close your eyes too while kissing and hold each other tightly for a romantic love kiss. It is in fact best to enjoy a kiss with close eyes.

· Closed Lips: A kiss with closed lips is usually not a great idea for honeymooners, it was the same kiss that your grandma or aunt used to give you, so imagine. It is good for just wishing good morning to your sweetheart during honeymoon.

· Open Lips: Enjoy a great honeymoon kiss with open lips. Place your lips over your partner’s lips and hold your breath. Be naughty and seductive by moving your lips in a circular or slow motion over your partner’s lips.

· Positioning: Positioning in honeymoon kissing is also a vital aspect. Try to be closer to each other and tilt your heads slightly in opposite directions. Once, you try kissing in this positioning, you will get the real fun of kissing.