Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tips to Get Kate Winslet's Oscar 2009 Look

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Were you got fascinated looking Kate Winslet's Oscar 2009 look in a one shoulder multi-tone grey down dress? So, here we share the tips to get Kate Winslet's Oscar 2009 look.

Kate got her makeup done by makeup artist Jillian Dempsey who wanted to create a classic and natural look for Kate.
· First of all she, applied Lancome La Base Pro Primer to smooth Kate's polished complexion.
· Then she brushed Lancome Brow Expert in Naturel shade on her brows.
· The makeup artist also applied Jillian Dempsey for Avon Pro Eyeshadow Trio in Ice Shimmer, Lancome Color Fever Lipstick in Old Flame for a matte finish and Jillian Dempsey for Avon Pro Mascara in black.

For Kate Winslet’s hairdo, the hairdresser tried giving her a modern day look with a wavy texture and dynamic shape.
· The hair look was done by first applying Fekkai More All Day Density Styling Whip on her wet hair.
· This was then followed by a blow dry to smooth with the Fekkai Large Round Brush for creating volume.
· All this was followed by using curling iron to set curls for 20 minutes.
· The hair dresser then brushed the hair using Fekkai Coiff Magnifique Ultra Light Finishing Crème at the ends to roll her hair under.
· Finally, Kate’s hair were given a finishing look with Fekkai Sheer Hold Hairspray.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Best Dressed Ladies at Oscar 2009 Awards

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Frieda Pinto again looked best dressed in the recently held Oscars 2009 after BAFTA Awards. She wore a deep blue gown designed by John Galliano and shoes by Jimmy Choo. The best thing about her outfit was her one shoulder long sleeve with lace and embroidery.

Thank God that Penelope Cruz improved her dressing sense at the Oscars Awards 2009. She wore a Pierre Balmain Haute Couture gown. The print on her gown looked pretty with its lace like look.

Taraji P.Henson, who was nominated for Best Supporting Actress looked good too in her white-tiered gown designed by Roberto Cavalli. She complemented her dress with jewels by Fred Leighton.

If there was one lady who looked pretty in red at the recently held Oscars 2009 then it was Virginia Madsen. She wore a Kevan Hall strapless gown. She matched her dress with golden danglers and jewels by Loree Rodkin.

Leslie Mann was another best-dressed lady at Oscars 2009. She looked stunning in her platinum Pamell Roland Fall 2009 gown that was presented at New York Fashion Week. We are sure she made Beyonce jealous.

Worst Dressed Ladies at Oscar 2009 Awards

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Jessica Biel was one of the worst dressed ladies at Oscars 2009 in her plain and boring white Prada duchesse satin gown. Her ballooned dress looked so ridiculous. Have a look yourself.

We didn’t expect this from Beyonce Knowles. She was looking one of the worst dressed ladies at Oscars 2009 in her curve hugging black and gold mermaid style dress. In a wish to be striking she looked distracting in her weird dress.

Heidi Klum too gave a tough competition to other worst dresses celebrities at Oscars 2009. She wore a red architectural gown designed by Roland Mouret. Her open neckline made her dress look ridiculous.

The worst red dressed at Oscars 2009 was Amy Adams in her Caroline Herrera red strapless gown. Her black piping on the bodice looked weird and her blue and cherry red necklace didn’t go well with her gown.

Lastly, the most boring dress award at Oscars 2009 goes to Kate Winslet. We didn’t expect her to let us down with her dark color simple dress especially after a pretty dress at BAFTA 2009. The embroidered mesh part on her grey YSL Atelier one shouldered gown didn’t look good at all.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Paris Hilton in a short sexy dress at Grammy Awards 2009

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Paris Hilton can’t stop herself from coming in to headlines for her glamour and fashion sense. Recently, this hotel heiress came wearing a short sexy dress at Grammy Awards 2009.

Paris wore a too short dress that needless to stay looked hot on her. Just have a look at the picture yourself and see how ravishing she looked. Many believed that her dress was more apt for a night out and not for an award function like Grammy.

Paris Hilton walked the red carpet of Grammy 2009 in this colorful Versace cutout mini dress with sequin pumps and a matching clutch. To accessorize this sexy dress, she wore diamond-crusted earrings and stacked bangles.

Britney Spears Post Pregnancy Diet Secrets

Britney Spears Post Pregnancy Diet Secrets,Diet Secrets of Britney Spears,Britney Spears Fitness Tips,How to look like Britney Spears,Celebrity Weight Loss Diets,Britney Spears Health Tips,Britney’s Fitness Secrets
If you have wondered how come Britney Spears came in her original slim shape after giving birth to her children, then here is the secret revealed for you. Pop sensation, Britney Spears lost about 26 out of the 40 pounds that she gained during her pregnancy. If you want to know Britney Spears Post Pregnancy Diet Secrets then here it is.

· Britney started running on the treadmill for an hour each morning.

· She also started lifting weighs each evening for about 45 minutes.

· Britney ate six small balanced meals instead of three full meals throughout the day to keep her sugar level stable.

· Britney also made a smart move of replacing white flour with high fiber whole grains in her diet.

· This pop star reduced her pregnancy weight by doing workouts on fast music.

· Moreover, she didn’t hesitate in breastfeeding her baby that in itself is a high calorie burning activity.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

5 Aphrodisiacs Foods that boosts Sex and Libido

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Valentines Day has just passed so what, do you need a reason to get cozy with your lover? You may spend your whole life in searching and experimenting what to do to increase your sex drive but this can be done easily.. We present you a list of top five foods that help boosting sex and libido in lovers.

1. Chocolates: Ever thought why we gift chocolates to our lover? Reason being they are sweet and play a major role in boosting the sex drive. According to a survey, women who ate chocolate on a regular basis were better lovers than those who didn’t eat chocolates. Its perfect combination of sugar and caffeine gives energy for the sex drive.

2. Truffles: Though rare, truffles have the efficiency to ignite sex drive in lovers. They have a musky aroma and scent that make men romantic. People in the French court used to take truffles just to boost their sex drive and these days this secret is used by ordinary people around the world.

3. Honey: Honey with its amazing natural sweetness is another aphrodisiac to boost the libido. Just add it in a dessert or play with it licking it on your partner’s face and see how you both feel. It has Vitamin B that aids in neurotransmitters for sexual arousal.

4. Strawberries: How can we forget mentioning the lovely fruit of love, strawberry. Not just its red color symbolizes love but its high Vitamin C source makes it apt for boosting libido and sex drive. You can even combine it with chocolate to double up the aphrodisiac effect.

5. Figs: Figs is yet another food item that enhances libido and sex drive in lovers. It was Cleopatra, who declared the amazing quality of figs. Interestingly, Japanese and Romans brides used to eat figs as a part of nuptial celebration. This fruit is high in magnesium and has an erotic status.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Best Tips for Great and Sexy Lips

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It’s true that a smile can win a heart but what adds to the beauty of a smile? Yes, beautiful and sexy lips. A smile usually comprises of teeth and lips. Teeth can be handled by dentists, what you can handle is your lips. Try out the following useful and easy tips for getting those great and sexy lips.

Lip colors for fair skin: Pales
Lip colors for Medium skin: Deeper colors
Lip colors for Olive and Yellow skin: Browns and Plums
Lip colors for Dark skin: Dark Red, Berry and Beiges colors

· Big Lips: For those of you have big lips and want to make then look sexy and beautiful, the best tip is to avoid strong colors. Try to use soft sheer hues without any lip liner, as it will make them look bigger. Also, try to emphasize on your eye make up to match the attraction of your big lips.

· Thin Lips: For those of you have thin lips, using sheer colors is the best bet to make them look sexy and fuller. Avoid using strong colors that will make them look for thin. You should never use a lip liner outside the natural lip line to make them look large, as it will make you look weird.

· Uneven Lips: Uneven or crooked lips can be made to look even and sexy by applying a lip liner carefully. You can easily shape them out properly with a matching lip liner. Try to use brown color lipsticks.

· Proper Application: Another tip to have sexy and beautiful lips is to avoid getting the lipstick on your teeth, as it will spoil the whole look. Make sure to stick a finger in you mouth and press your lips on it to remove the excess color after lipstick application.

· Matching Eye Make up: Often ladies turn out to be cartoon by emphasizing too much on eyes and lips. Remember, if you are applying dark and stronger shades like bright red, eye make up should be done in a minimal way to emphasize on lips and not on eyes.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Worst Dressed Ladies at BAFTA Awards 2009

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The first worst dress lady at the recently held BAFTA Awards 2009 was Marion Cotillard. In her unusual black strangely cut dress. Have a look yourself to see something was wrong with her dress.

We didn’t expect this from Penelope Cruz, who looked worst dressed in her black gown at BAFTA Awards 2009. Just a request, we don’t want to see you in black always Cruz, so please change your wardrobe.

Gemma Arterton too emerged her worst in a black dress at BAFTA Awards 2009. Strange but she too couldn’t look sexy in black and looked enormously tall, something was wrong with her footwear too.

Next comes Katherine Jenkins in her boring gown at BAFTA Awards 2009. We expected her at least to bring in some color at the red carpet but she too disappointed. Have a look at her photo.

Alesha Dixon looked bad too in her black dress at BAFTA Awards 2009. How come she thought of wearing such a fanciful boring flair dress on a rainy day that too at an award function?

Best Dressed Ladies at BAFTA Awards 2009

Best Dressed Ladies at BAFTA Awards 2009,BAFTA Awards 2009 Fashion,Celebrity Styles at BAFTA Awards 2009,Best Dressed Celebrities at BAFTA Awards 2009,Frieda Pinto Looked Best at BAFTA Awards 2009, BAFTA Awards Photos,Celebrity Fashion 2009,Best Gowns at BAFTS Awards 2009

Frieda Pinto was clearly seen as the best-dressed lady at the recently held BAFTA Awards 2009. Thins Indian born star looked pretty in her pink dress and matching jewels. We can expect her to wear something more better and graceful than this in Oscars 2009.

Second best dressed lady at BAFTA Awards 2009 was Marisa Tomei in her beautiful shimmering gown. She walked with grace on the red carpet in this Fendi clutch gown in a neutral shade.

Hats off to Amy Adams for wearing such a stylish elegant electric blue gown at BAFTA Awards 2009. Like always, Amy succeeded in making an impact with her style this year too.

Thandie Newton looked amazing in her Blumarine dress at BAFTA Awards 2009. Her black strapless vintage gown made her look sexy and stylish. The gold detailing on the gown was really beautiful.

How can we forget Sharon Stone in her sizzling red color gown that she picked from John Galliano Spring 2009 collection. She was admired beyond limit for her dress at BAFTA Awards 2009.

Next comes Emma Watson posing pretty in her Temperley London gown. The embroidered neckline of this superb gown looked great on this fair damsel of Hollywood at BAFTA Awards 2009.

Last of all, Meryl Streep was noticeable to everyone around with her lovely black necklace. Wearing a black satin strapless dress, she matched it with her favorite a stunning black beads necklace.

Kate Winslet looked sexy and sweet at BAFTA Awards 2009

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Kate Winslet looked sexy and sweet at the recently held BAFTA Awards 2009. Thanks to her black dress. Kate sparkled at the red carpet of the BAFTA Awards 2009 function wearing a dress by Zac Posen.

Kate was one of the best-dressed ladies at BAFTA Awards 2009 in her black hot gown with a deep and well-cut neckline. She braved the rain in a great way in her stylish black dress looking both pretty and super sexy.

Kate Winslet won the best actress award for her amazing role as a Nazi prison camp guard in “The Reader”. She also got nominated for the same award for her excellent performance as a 1950s housewife in the “Revolutionary Road”.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in love at BAFTA Awards 2009

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Hollywood’s top couple, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt looked in love again at the recently held BAFTA Awards 2009. Both were seen together and didn’t separate for a minute at the award ceremony.

Angelina looked stunning wearing a black Armani Prive with a dash of sculpted yellow. She paired the dress with Christian Louboutinn shoes and a pretty diamond Asprey bracelet. While Brad Pitt came wearing a tux from Tom Ford. The pictures tell how lovey dovey they were at the award ceremony.

Unfortunately, Angelina Jolie lost the award for best actress category to Kate Winslet but she got her beau’s Brad Pitt’s support all the way through BAFTA Awards 2009. Brad’s The Curious Case of Benjamin Button got the award for the best production design and special effects.

Tips for Popping the Marriage Proposal

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So, you are finally keen in popping up the marriage proposal to your loved one, but afraid because you don’t know how to propose? Worry no more, we know that it’s not an easy task to propose someone whose company you want for whole life. Here are some sure-shot tips for popping the marriage proposal.

· Test Before Proposing: First of all, do test your loved one with his or her talks that you should propose or not. Talking tells whether that person is interested in you or not. Also, talk about marriage plans and family planning and what that person wants to do. Then, plan and propose for marriage.

· Surprise Her or Him: Surprises while proposing are always cherished and bring the fun out of it. Don’t give her or him a hint of what you are going to do and whether you are really going to propose or not. Keep it all surprise and then when you will actually propose, you are most likely to get a yes.

· Be Prepared: We are not scaring you but yes, you need to be prepared before popping up the marriage proposal to your loved one. Saying the four words, “Will You Marry Me?” may look easier but they are actually not, so practice to say these words in the right way before actually asking her or him the question.

· Get The Right Engagement Ring: Never forget to get the right engagement ring for your lady before popping up the marriage proposal. Since, she is going to flaunt the engagement ring for the rest of her life, make sure to choose one that she would love to wear.

· Talk to Her Parents: Last but the most important way of getting yes for a marriage proposal is by talking to her parents. Remember, most of the girls appreciate the guys who ask for their hand by talking to their parents. So, make sure to ask for permission from the girl’s parents.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Are Angelina Jolie Jennifer Aniston Copying each other

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We are still thinking and unable to decide who is copying whom? We are talking about Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston, the two reigning beauties of Hollywood.

Though the comparison between these two is useless, as both have their own beauty. Yet, due to a striking resemblance in their attire on a recent event, we couldn’t help comparing both Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston once again.

Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston were seen wearing same sort of formal suit. The only differece was in the color of suits both these ladies chose to wear. Aniston wore a black suit, while Jolie wore a navy blue suit with a white shirt top. Both the beauties looked their best in their hair tied up in a bun.

Look at the pictures yourself to decide, who is better, Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston?

Friday, February 6, 2009

Tips for Flirting with a Shy Girl

Tips for Flirting with a Shy Girl, How to Date Shy Girls, Dating Girls Tips, Love Flirting Tips, 5 Ways of Flirting with Shy Women, What Women Want, How to Propose a Shy Girl, Flirting Tips for Guys, Best Ways of Flirting with Women,Romantic Tips for Shy Women

You like that girl but the problem is that she is too shy that you even drear to flirt with her. Don’t worry, just follow these simple tips of flirting with a shy girl and see how easily you have her in your life as a love partner.

· The first tip to flirt with a shy girl is saying her a sweet “Hi” everyday with a smile. This way you will make her feel comfortable and even a single day when she won’t see you around, she will want you more.

· Another tip for flirting with a shy girl is to observe her and compliment her on what she is wearing. Giving a complement per day will make her feel fond of you.

· Go slowly while flirting with a shy girl and first try to make her feel comfortable. You should also try to win her heart away by complimenting her for her beauty.

· Don’t ever ask her for a date directly, she will say no. Instead ask for an activity that you both can enjoy together and then turn it in to a date. She will feel great enjoying a common activity with you only if you don’t hurry in getting intimate with her.

· Instead of talking yourself much, give her time and space to talk to you. She will feel overwhelmed seeing that you want to listen to her. She will in fact then count you as one of her closest friends.

· Try to explore her liking and dislikings by talking to her. Shy girls often take time to open up and telling up about themselves. So, it is easy to talk to them about things that they like.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Jessica Simpson’s Fitness Secrets

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If you have ever noticed Jessica Simpson, you might have wondered is she the one who has the best figure in Hollywood. Well, not the best one but yes, she does have the third best body and figure in Hollywood, so what are her fitness secrets? Are you interested to know that, then read on as we reveal Jessica Simpson’s fitness secrets for you.

· Fitness Workouts: Jessica Simpson is one of those Hollywood beauties who hit the gym as soon as they sign a new movie. She makes it a point to exercise six days a week with an hour and a half a day. She sticks to her fitness workouts, no matter what happens. She especially focuses on her legs and booty.

· Exercises Routine: Jessica got those tones up sexy legs by exercising set of 8 to 10 for legs regularly. She starts with three sets of dumbbell rows in the squat position for 20 to 24 repetitions per set. This is then followed by 3 sets of bodyweight squats. She also goes through a light warm up on the treadmill for 5 to 10 minutes.

· Duke of Hazzard Workout Routine: Jessica Simpson’s Duke of Hazzard Workout Routine includes 6 different things, including 2 – 3 sets of Dumbbell Triceps Extension, 2 – 3 sets of Reverse Lunges, Treadmill for 8 minutes at medium speed, 1 set of Bicep Curl, 1 set of Lateral Raise, Treadmill for 8 minutes at medium speed, Incline Crunches for 5 minutes, 2 – 3 sets of Kneeling Leg Extensions, Treadmill for 5 minutes to cool down, 2 – 3 sets of Forward Lunges and Traveling Lunges.