Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tips for Popping the Marriage Proposal

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So, you are finally keen in popping up the marriage proposal to your loved one, but afraid because you don’t know how to propose? Worry no more, we know that it’s not an easy task to propose someone whose company you want for whole life. Here are some sure-shot tips for popping the marriage proposal.

· Test Before Proposing: First of all, do test your loved one with his or her talks that you should propose or not. Talking tells whether that person is interested in you or not. Also, talk about marriage plans and family planning and what that person wants to do. Then, plan and propose for marriage.

· Surprise Her or Him: Surprises while proposing are always cherished and bring the fun out of it. Don’t give her or him a hint of what you are going to do and whether you are really going to propose or not. Keep it all surprise and then when you will actually propose, you are most likely to get a yes.

· Be Prepared: We are not scaring you but yes, you need to be prepared before popping up the marriage proposal to your loved one. Saying the four words, “Will You Marry Me?” may look easier but they are actually not, so practice to say these words in the right way before actually asking her or him the question.

· Get The Right Engagement Ring: Never forget to get the right engagement ring for your lady before popping up the marriage proposal. Since, she is going to flaunt the engagement ring for the rest of her life, make sure to choose one that she would love to wear.

· Talk to Her Parents: Last but the most important way of getting yes for a marriage proposal is by talking to her parents. Remember, most of the girls appreciate the guys who ask for their hand by talking to their parents. So, make sure to ask for permission from the girl’s parents.

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