Friday, February 6, 2009

Tips for Flirting with a Shy Girl

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You like that girl but the problem is that she is too shy that you even drear to flirt with her. Don’t worry, just follow these simple tips of flirting with a shy girl and see how easily you have her in your life as a love partner.

· The first tip to flirt with a shy girl is saying her a sweet “Hi” everyday with a smile. This way you will make her feel comfortable and even a single day when she won’t see you around, she will want you more.

· Another tip for flirting with a shy girl is to observe her and compliment her on what she is wearing. Giving a complement per day will make her feel fond of you.

· Go slowly while flirting with a shy girl and first try to make her feel comfortable. You should also try to win her heart away by complimenting her for her beauty.

· Don’t ever ask her for a date directly, she will say no. Instead ask for an activity that you both can enjoy together and then turn it in to a date. She will feel great enjoying a common activity with you only if you don’t hurry in getting intimate with her.

· Instead of talking yourself much, give her time and space to talk to you. She will feel overwhelmed seeing that you want to listen to her. She will in fact then count you as one of her closest friends.

· Try to explore her liking and dislikings by talking to her. Shy girls often take time to open up and telling up about themselves. So, it is easy to talk to them about things that they like.


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  2. You take action and confidently approach her. She responds to your conversation starter and seems pretty interested. These are very good knowledge sharing. I like it.

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  3. This will help her feel more comfortable around you and safe as well. You want to use flirting as a way to getting her used to the idea of having you as a boyfriend or being romantic with you and gives her an opportunity as well to gauge her interest in you. Anyway flirting is one the best ways how to get a girl successfully.

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