Saturday, February 14, 2009

Best Tips for Great and Sexy Lips

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It’s true that a smile can win a heart but what adds to the beauty of a smile? Yes, beautiful and sexy lips. A smile usually comprises of teeth and lips. Teeth can be handled by dentists, what you can handle is your lips. Try out the following useful and easy tips for getting those great and sexy lips.

Lip colors for fair skin: Pales
Lip colors for Medium skin: Deeper colors
Lip colors for Olive and Yellow skin: Browns and Plums
Lip colors for Dark skin: Dark Red, Berry and Beiges colors

· Big Lips: For those of you have big lips and want to make then look sexy and beautiful, the best tip is to avoid strong colors. Try to use soft sheer hues without any lip liner, as it will make them look bigger. Also, try to emphasize on your eye make up to match the attraction of your big lips.

· Thin Lips: For those of you have thin lips, using sheer colors is the best bet to make them look sexy and fuller. Avoid using strong colors that will make them look for thin. You should never use a lip liner outside the natural lip line to make them look large, as it will make you look weird.

· Uneven Lips: Uneven or crooked lips can be made to look even and sexy by applying a lip liner carefully. You can easily shape them out properly with a matching lip liner. Try to use brown color lipsticks.

· Proper Application: Another tip to have sexy and beautiful lips is to avoid getting the lipstick on your teeth, as it will spoil the whole look. Make sure to stick a finger in you mouth and press your lips on it to remove the excess color after lipstick application.

· Matching Eye Make up: Often ladies turn out to be cartoon by emphasizing too much on eyes and lips. Remember, if you are applying dark and stronger shades like bright red, eye make up should be done in a minimal way to emphasize on lips and not on eyes.

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