Saturday, January 2, 2016

Tricks to Differentiate Between A Duplicate and A Genuine Leather Handbag

Only experts can tell whether a leather handbag is genuine or not and the situation is even worse when it comes to differentiating between ordinary leather handbags and genuine Italian leather handbags. So, check out some interesting tricks to find the difference between a duplicate and a genuine Italian leather bag. 

The best tip to pick a pure leather handbag is by smelling it, as pure leather made of real animal skin is very smelly unlike the fake one that is made of artificial material. Do check the label on the bag to see whether the label says it is made of manmade material or pleather or a synthetic material, because all these indicate that it is an artificial leather bag.

Try out the saliva test to be double sure of the genuineness of an Italian leather bag. Keep in mind that only genuine or pure leather is absorbent, whereas the duplicate one is not. So, when you rub some saliva on a piece of leather and it is fully absorbed that means it’s genuine. Lastly, the price tag says it all about a genuine leather handbag from Italy. A pure leather bag is often not within the reach of a majority of ladies, so if the price is very reasonable it is for sure a fake one.

Trust Reputed Sellers Only
In order to be 100% sure that you are a buying genuine leather handbag, always trust reputed sellers only. Only a seller that can’t compromise on his her brand will sell you a genuine leather bag that can be bought without any doubt.

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