Friday, June 7, 2013

Tips to Deal with Girlfriend’s Friends

Most of the guys find themselves suffocated when their girlfriend is accompanied by her friends. This happens mainly because guys usually don’t like her friends or don’t know how to deal with them. So, we thought of sharing with you some important tips to deal with your girlfriend’s friends.

  • Don’t show that you don’t like her friend: First main thing to remember while dealing with your girlfriend’s friend is not to reveal the fact that you actually don’t like her and for this avoid insulting her or ignoring her.
  • Plan Outings with your Girlfriend’s Friends: It would be a great idea to plan an outing with your girlfriend and her friends in order to know them well, so that you start liking her friends.
  • Don’t be Jealous: Make sure not to be jealous if your girlfriend is surrounded by too many male friends, just get this fact into your mind that they are just her friends and only you are the boy friend.
  • Do Favors: Try to do favors as many times as you can to her friends, so that she thinks that you like them and you too will be liked back by her friends for your favors.
  • Be Extra Nice to her Friends in her Presence: Even if you don’t like her friends, try to act to be extra nice to her friends especially when she is around or with them, so that she thinks you like her and her friends too. 

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