Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Best Ways to Sooth Dog Scratching Ears

Scratching ears is one of the most common problems faced by pet owners around the world with their dog constantly scratching his itchy ears. Most common reasons for this problem of itchy ears are fungal infections, parasitic infections or even the entrance of a foreign body in a dog’s ear. Check out some of the best ways to sooth a dog scratching ears

You may use diluted tea tree oil while giving a shampoo to your dog to offer some relief from the itching. However, make sure to use it in the diluted form, else it might be harmful for your dog. Another way to cure the problem of itchy or scratchy ears is to give antihistamines to prevent inflammation or blockage in the dog’s ears. If you are confident enough, then try swabbing your dog’s ears yourself before visiting a veterinarian to clear any wax or foreign body from his ears.

Offer Temporary Relief
Your maximum efforts should be to offer at least some temporary relief to your dog scratching ears. However, in many cases the pet owners fail to provide this relief themselves, so it is important to consult a dog ear specialist. The specialist may then prescribe some ointments or corticosteroids to give immediate and temporary relief to the scratchy dog ears. A useful advice here is not to prolong the use of steroid based medications for your dog; else your dog may face other acute death threatening problems.

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