Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Secret Tips to Hide your Diet during Parties

Shh!!! So you are on a diet and don’t want to reveal your secret during a party with your friends? Well, we will help you keep your secret safe by sharing with you some useful tips to hide your diet secrets from your friends and family during unavoidable social gatherings. There are some fun and easy ways to pretend that you are not on dieting even when surrounded by near and dear ones. It’s true that sticking to a diet is easier when you are at home but it may be a struggle when you are in a party but it is not impossible after all. So come on and check out our Secret Tips to Hide your Diet during Parties.

     1. Use Water for Rescue: The best trick to hide your diet secrets in parties is to drink water and healthy juices to fill your tummy before hand, so that you don’t feel like goring on calorie rich food served in the parties.

          2.   Opt for Fruits: Another healthy tip to stick to your diet even in a party without letting anyone guess about it is to opt for fruits. Try all kinds of fruits without any hesitation during such social gatherings.

          3.  Eat Slowly: No one will ever be able to guess you are on a diet if you are the first to start eating and the last one to finish your meal. In short, be slow to finish your platter during a party.

     4. Fill Your Plate with Healthy Food: Try filling your plate with healthy food and not just salad. Also, don’t leave it empty because then your friends will guess that you are on a diet. So, the best trick is to fill the platter with some healthy servings.

    5. Go Slow on Alcohol: Last of all, there is almost no party without those exotic drinks and if you too are somehow compelled to have some; then worry not! Go slow on alcohol by opting for just one drink and refill your glass either with soda or water, so that no one can guess you are on a diet.

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