Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Scotch is no more a Man’s Drink- Now Women are addicted too!

A few days ago, I was partying with by friends and ordered a scotch and my whole girl gang was taken aback and told me that scotch is not a drink for women! Well, I laughed and said gone are the days when vodka was considered to be the only women’s drink; scotch is the new trend to taste; after all, why should men have all the fun? So, if you too are keen to sip a scotch that it no more restricted to Scottish men, read on to learn some basic things about it for a memorable first experience with it.

o   1. Go Slow on Martini: Make sure to go slow on addictive and seductive martinis if you don’t want men at bar to take your disadvantage. A single martini will make you ask for more, such is the addiction of this scotch drink, so better drink it at your own risk and with a reliable friend, who can drive you back home.

           2.  Limit on that Scotch Cocktail: It’s okay that now the society is getting open to see women having their hands on scotch too but make sure to limit your scotch cocktail intake because after all; it is not a healthy drink to savor upon in great extent. Just a few small sips sometimes will create the same magic as drinking it in huge quantities.

      3. Heal your Heart with a Blended Scotch Whiskey: For all those women who are going through a breakup, the best option to heal the heart is going slowly on a blended scotch whiskey. Just have it on the rocks and feel yourself on cloud nine and double your fun by adding a dash of orange bitters or pomegranate grenadine.

      4. Single Malt Scotch is a must try: The most talked about scotch whiskeys available at any bar is the single malt scotch. Made of not just a single grain but from multiple grains through a malting process, this particular scotch is a must to try out for women who are daring enough.

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