Saturday, January 2, 2016

Learn How to Free Up Space on Your iPhone

Whether you agree or not, if you are an iPhone user, then the biggest problem you might be facing must be the problem of creating more space on your iPhone. Despite of the fact, that this smart phone already comes with a huge 16GB space, a user gets short of space that is mostly required to either update the already installed apps or to download the new ones. So, read on and learn how to free up space on your iPhone with ease.

Uninstall Unwanted Apps
The first smart way that might come in handy to create more space on your iPhone is to delete the unwanted apps. It is normal that users tend to download a number of apps thinking that they will be useful for them but gradually in pace of time, some apps appear unwanted yet they occupy a large space in our phone, so why not delete them and enjoy more space all of a sudden? It is always a good idea to uninstall unwanted apps and replace them with new and wanted apps in your iPhone, so that the problem of space is efficiently managed. Well, deleting apps from iPhone is a very simple process, in which you just need to hold on the app icon and when it starts moving around, then just choose the ‘X’ that appears on the left hand side of the app to bring it in the edit mode and just delete from there.

Take Action on Apps that Occupy Major Space
One of the best ways to make space in your iPhone is by observing which apps are occupying most space in your iPhone. For this, you can just go to the General Phone Settings and then to the Storage & iCloud Storage to check out the Manage Storage. Once the apps are listed, you can easily have a look at the apps that consume a lot of space and if they are not really needed, you can delete them at once to make space in order to download that is more important for you. In case, a useful app is taking too much space but you are running short of space on your iPhone, then you can delete it at that time and reinstall it later in future when you have more space. This can also be done to the messages that might be occupying a lot of space in your phone.

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