Sunday, January 3, 2016

How to Deal with the Problem of Dog Smelly Ears?

It can be seriously intolerable if you have a dog with smelly ears. However, there is nothing so common about this problem; most of the dogs do have smelly ears due to infection that should be treated on time under proper expert guidance. Read on to learn how to deal with the problem of dog smelly ears.

Your first aim should be to examine your dog’s ears, especially when he is sleeping. For this use a torchlight and concentrate to see the movement of his ears. Make sure your dog is calm and quite when you check his ears and if nothing gets into your mind, then, do take him to a dog ear specialist for a checkup to explore the reason of the smell. 

Things to Examine
If your dog allows you to examine his ear quietly, then do check whether there is a hole or a puncture in his ear canal or any sort of wound because that might be the major cause for the smelly ears. Another thing to look for in dog smelly ears would be any sign of blood or discharge because this can result into fungal infection in his ears. 

In case, you notice a wound or a wax in your dog’s ears, then don’t waste time thinking of any home remedies. Just straight away get an appointment from a dog care specialist and get his ears treated before the dog becomes violent due to the irritation in his ears.

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