Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Learn About Alcohol Detox and it’s Methods

Are you feeling sad to see one of your loved ones struggling from alcoholism and you seriously wish to help him or her out from that pain? Then, you must first acquaint yourself with alcohol detox and its methods. No matter how hard, you or a person addicted to alcohol wishes to leave this addiction, the body doesn’t let you win over it due to its dependency upon alcohol. This is where; an Alcohol Detox Center might come to your rescue with its different methods. Long term intake of alcohol can result in accumulation of a number of toxins in the body that can ultimately result in some diseases when the intake of alcohol is stopped, so in that case Alcohol Detox can be your only alternative to free your body off those harmful toxins. In other words, alcohol detoxification is the procedure through which the chemical toxins are removed from the body. Read on to learn about different methods of alcohol detox used by some of the best drug detox centers.

Medical Alcohol Detox Method
The first and the most widely used method for alcohol detoxification is the medical method. In this method, as the name suggests, different medications are used in order to detoxify a person from the effects of alcohol. Basically, there are two types of medications involved in medical alcohol detoxification, including, intravenous medication and the oral medication. Experts feel that the former method is more effective in alcohol detox in comparison to the latter method in which some drawbacks have been noticed in terms of the duration in which the relief is felt from the withdrawal symptoms. Vistaril, a non addicting medication along with Neurontin, a very mild anti depressant are the medicines that are offered in the medical method. However, at many cases, the doctor might advice the patient to return home for a short period of a month or two in order to get relief from the post acute withdrawal medications. 

Non-Medical or Holistic Alcohol Detox Method
Thanks to the advancement in science that today alcohol detoxification is possible even without medicines. Yes, we are talking about the not so common non-medical or the holistic alcohol detox method. This treatment basically works on the principle of acupuncture along with herb and vitamin diet. Moreover, a combination of yoga, dietary supplements and massages are also incorporated to make this method more successful. However, the biggest thing to note about non-medical method of alcohol detoxification is that it doesn’t suit everyone and nor should it be tried without any expert physician at home without supervision.

Apart from the above mentioned two most popular methods, alcohol detoxification can be done through Outpatient & Residential Method. In Outpatient method, an individual is allowed to report by self to a physician or a detox center to get the desired medical help. On the other hand, in a Residential Method, an individual is offered a safe place to rest as well as detox himself or herself while remaining under the supervision of a detox physician round the clock.

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