Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tips for Wearing an Off-Shoulder Dress

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You must have seen those celebrities and models walking confidently in off-shoulder dresses and this might have made you think that can you wear one. So, the answer is you too can wear it provided you know how to wear it.

· The first tip to make your off shoulder dress look awesome is to match it with elegant jewelry or a perfect make up.

· Remember, that off-shoulder dresses look great on tall women with good figure, as the necklines of these dresses pass across the chest and rests below the shoulder, short women might look shorter in them.

· Women having heavy flabby arms should avoid wearing off shoulder dresses, as they might look heavier wearing such dresses.

· Before wearing such a dress, make sure to get your arms and underarms waxed and moisturized to make your skin look radiant.

· If you plan to wear an off shoulder wedding gown, then prepare well in advance by indulging in some weight lifting exercises for shoulders and arms, to get the perfect look on the D-Day.

· Make sure that you have enough support for your off shoulder dress to avoid getting embarrassed with a certain malfunction.

· Add more glamour to your off shoulder dress by trying out some tattoos on your shoulder or neck.

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