Saturday, March 7, 2009

Tips for Becoming a Perfect Lover

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Though all of us want to the best lover in the world, yet not all of us end up becoming one. There are some things to be kept in mind to match up to your partner’s needs and expectation. Here are some tips for becoming a perfect lover.

· Firstly, remember that forcing someone to love you is not the way to be a lover. The decision should be personal and not a forced one, if your partner wants to be loved by you then go ahead else retrain.

· Whenever, your partner talks about his or her ex-partner don’t think that he or she still has feelings for that person. If you feel bad hearing about the ex, just tell this to your partner gently.

· Don’t be too possessive for your partner, as in most of the cases over possessiveness often create differences in a beautiful love relationship. The other person starts feeling suffocated in your possessiveness.

· In case, you try calling your partner and he or she doesn’t pick immediately or don’t pick at all, then don’t turn your imagination wild. Stop guessing wrong things and wait for sometime for your partner to call back, else try calling again.

· Also, try giving compliments to your partner when he or she wears something new.

· Give him or surprises with some romantic things and see how happy he or she feels being with you.

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