Monday, March 16, 2009

Tips for Talking to a Dying Person

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Whether you agree or not, death is a definite truth that can’t be avoided. What if you have a dying person in your family or friend circle? You should know how to talk to him or her to make his death smooth. So, here are some tips for talking to a dying person.

. Remember the first thing that a dying person would want is peace of mind, so try to give it to that person. Try to eliminate all kinds of distractions like television, radio, etc from the surroundings of the dying person to make him or her calm.

· Try to talk to the dying person from the same eye level. The posture should be such that the person should not face difficulty in talking or listening to you.

· It’s common that a dying person might show some emotions, so don’t ever get angry when he or she shows such emotions, instead try to pacify that person.

· Don’t try to make the dying person talk fast, try to make him or her talk at his or her own pace.

· To make the dying person feel happy, try to talk about the golden memories he or she shared with you or anyone else.

· A dying person may show some anxiety or fear, so try to calm him or her. Also, ask for his or her last wish and try to ensure the person that it will be fulfilled.

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