Thursday, March 12, 2009

Paris Hilton reveals her Beauty Secrets

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Hey gals do you wish to look like diva Paris Hilton? Then, have a look at the beauty tips that the hotel heiress Paris Hilton revealed herself in an interview.

· Perfect Scent: When asked about her beauty secrets, Paris Hilton first mentioned that it is important to use a scent that tells about your personality. She personally uses CAN CAN perfume, she herself assisted in making this perfect scent for herself. She feels when you smell right, you automatically become beautiful for others.

· Sensuous Lip Gloss: Another beauty secrets revealed by Paris Hilton is the type of sensuous lip gloss she uses. Paris Hilton just loves her lip-gloss and never forgets to put it while stepping out of home. She likes using MAC Prr Lipgloss. She also uses Maybelline’s Lipgloss generally in pink or neutral color.

· Beauty Facials: Getting that glowing skin like Paris is simple for a girl if she never forgets a weekly facial. Paris also revealed that she gets spa beauty treatments at Kate Somerville Spa that is located just near her house.

· Best Beauty Products: Paris also insists that planning in advance when it comes to skin care is never wrong. She never forgets to use anti-aging sunscreen beauty products and recommends the same to those who want to look like her. Paris also revealed that she uses Maybelline’s Great Lash Mascara.

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