Friday, March 27, 2009

Pamela Anderson Diet Secrets

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Want to look like Pamela Anderson? Then, you got to know Pamela Anderson’s Diet Secrets. Relax, it’s not tough to get information about what this super sexy Hollywood diva does to stay fit and fine, you will get all the information here from us.

· The first secret of Pamela Anderson’s sexy figure is her stress on fruits and vegetables.

· She also takes plenty of soya, whole grains, seeds and nuts for protein.

· Pamela avoids meat since she was 13 years old and today even at 40 years, she manages to look sexy without including meat and non-veg in her diet.

· She stresses on a vegan diet that doesn’t comprises of eggs, fish, meat and any dairy products.

· For breakfast, Pamela takes fruits and oatmeal.
· For snacking before lunch, she takes ginger smoothie.
· For lunch, she takes salad and veggie burger.
· For dinner, she takes pasta or sometimes veggie sushi.

· Pamela Anderson also makes it a point to work out at least thrice a week or go for a walk daily to stay fit and fine.

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