Saturday, April 2, 2016

Questions to Ask from An Embezzlement Lawyer?

In very simple words, embezzlement is a sort of theft or robbery. However, this is not a simple robbery; it is when a person who has been trusted to take care of someone’s property or money robs all of it or part of it for personal profits. It is important to note that in case of an embezzlement, the person found guilty has the legal access to a person’s property or money but not the legal ownership for the same. Robbing off the money or property of a person is stealing but when it is combined with violation of trust it becomes a crime called embezzlement. Only an Embezzlement Lawyer can help you guide through what exactly this term means and how to deal with it in a proper way.

Punishment Imposed
Whether you know or not but embezzlement is a punishable crime by law and it can result into imprisonment, fine or even both in some cases. In fact, your embezzlement lawyer can acquaint you with your state’s embezzlement laws because these laws vary with the penalties in different states and countries. Basically, you can say the law is same but the penalty and its severity varies from place to place. You can confirm from your lawyer about the property value because in many cases convicts of embezzlement are punished with a monetary fine equivalent to the property stolen along with the jail fines. 

Special Penalties
In some cases special penalties are cared out on the embezzlement convicts and in these cases, the punishments are more severe. For instance, if an animal is misused for animal fighting or a biological sample or record or culture or a scientific secret is misused for personal gains. Moreover, if a utility company property is misused or a fire extinguisher is misused or stolen then there are special penalties for it. Apart from it, embezzlement of religious properties pricing over $100 particularly in places like New York are considered under special penalty. Any precious hospital meal in Indiana is counted under special penalty. In Wisconsin, any property stolen from any corpse or in Washington, a rescue dog when stolen is considered embezzlement under special penalty. 

Your Embezzlement Lawyer will also acquaint you with the fact that the penalties are harsher when the convict robs off or cheats an elderly, a disabled adult, a banker or an insurance company.

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