Saturday, April 2, 2016

Main Causes of Dog Ear Infections

Do you own a pet dog at home? Then, we are sure you must be curious to know about the most common causes for dog ear infections a majority of pet dog owners face. Well, there are a number of causes that can result into an ear infection for your loving dog, so just have a look at some of some main causes here.

The many cases, a dog feels irritated in the ear due to the moisture in the ear canal that often happens during bathing, swimming or grooming. When, this moisture in the ear remains for a longer time it results in the growth of many microorganisms in the small ear canal itself. There can also be chances of allergies resulting in the overgrowth of these microorganisms not just in the dog’s ear but also in his skin. However, it must be noted that in many cases the main cause of a dog suffering from an ear infection is not clear and then, every precaution should be taken to ensure your dog gets proper treatment, else he might become violent.

Prevention of Dog Ear Infections
The best prevention for an infection in a dog’s ear can be the proper cleaning. Yes, if you feel you are not capable enough to clean your dog’s ear yourself, then take help from a professional and approved dog ear cleaner. This would be best if you consult a dog ear cleaner right after you give your dog a bath or a grooming session.

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