Saturday, April 2, 2016

A Guide For Long Beach Whale Watching Tours

Long Beach in California is one of the favorite destinations of whale lovers around the world. In fact, a number of companies these days provide well planned Long Beach Whale Watching Tours to make it easier for the visitors. These tours offer numerous chances to see not just the whales or dolphins but their natural habitats as well.

Whale Species to Watch
During Long Beach Whale Watching Tours, you can expect to watch a number of beautiful and rare whale species. Not only this, if you are lucky enough, then you can also watch out for large pods of Dolphins and Bottlenose Dolphins as well. Then, there are Sea Lions and Sea Lion Pups that can be sighted too during these amazing tours if planned properly.

One of the most query we come across regarding Long Beach Whale Watching Tours is that when is the best to plan it. Well, the best thing about Long Beach is that no matter which season you choose, you will come across a different type of whale specie during each season. For instance, winter season is known for common sights of Gray Whale due to their migration. On the other hand, summer and fall season will give you chances to witness the jumps and swimming of the magnificent Blue Whales that too along the coast. You may not know but the blue whale is known to be the largest mammal in the world with the capacity of consuming 5-6 tons krill per day. 

Things To Bring Along
To get the maximum fun out of your Long Beach Whale Watching Tours, we recommend you to bring along some important things. First thing that you must not forget to bring along is a set of binoculars to watch the whales that are often not in sight with naked eyes. If you don’t have a pair of binoculars, then make sure to get one on rent. Also, make it a point to carry your camera along to capture some of the best moments of your whale watching tour. Another item to carry along is your jacket, as temperature can vary anytime in the seas, so you better be prepared with all your necessary clothing. Needless to mention, planning an adventurous tour like whale watching without any cash will be a total waste, so pay attention to this aspect as well.

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