Saturday, March 19, 2016

Tips to Free Up Storage on iPhone Without Deleting Important Items

Buying an iPhone is one thing and maintaining it with proper space usage is a totally different thing. Even the users with iPhones featuring the biggest memory these days get bothered by the problem of space to download a new app at some point of time and if you are one of those users, then you have arrived at the right place. Read on and learn some of the shortcuts of how to free up storage on iPhone without deleting important items

Delete Unwanted Videos, iBooks & Photos
When it comes to save space on your iPhone, you can choose the smartest way of deleting things yet gaining more space by deleting unwanted videos and photos. Often users download heavy movies that too in 1080p HD but after watching them, they forget to delete them. So, just choose the Videos App and click on the Edit Button to choose the ‘X’ to delete heavy resolution videos. Feel free to do the same with a huge bundle of photos that you no longer see. Moreover, this tip is also useful if you choose to delete the old iBooks that are lying in your iPhone but you hardly read them or you have already read them long ago. The best thing about deleting videos and photos is that you can at any point of time re load them with a single tap of button.

Auto Delete Messages & Voicemail Messages
A smart iPhone user need not worry at all about deleting important things out of the phone to make more space, as he or she will instead dump off the unwanted messages and voicemail messages. Whether you know it or not, your iPhone message history might be occupying a major share of your phone’s space and memory, especially if you have a habit of sending or receiving images via text messages. However, the good news is that you can easily use some latest settings in iPhone iOS8, where you can choose to automatically delete the older messages from your inbox. Just scroll through the Settings and go to the Messages Option and pick the option of Keep Messages and set that option to either 30 days or 1 year to clear off a lot of space on your iPhone. Similarly, you can choose to delete the useless and old voicemail messages by going to the Voicemail Button and deleting particular voicemail messages and create a lot of space.

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